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Puppets Incursion (Levels 3 & 4)

Theme: Design & Technology – Engineering
Level: 3/4
Students will explore design technologies used in different types of puppets.
They will investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a puppet.


  • Identify puppets from the past and present;
  • Examine a variety of puppets to identify how forces and materials are used in the design of a puppet;
  • Investigate how puppets work: push and pull forces, how they are joined and what type of machines are used in their construction (e.g. levers and pivots);
  • Discuss the purpose of a puppet;
  • Identify materials that are suitable for movement and for stability;
  • Test how a lever works;
  • Test how a pivot can be used to do a number of movements;
  • Observe how recycled materials can be used;
  • Be inspired to design puppets and other recycled contraptions.
Take home


Make two different types of puppets that use levers and pivots.


Victorian Curriculum: Content Descriptions

  • Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance (VCSSU064)
Design & Technology
  • Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a designed solution (VCDSTC024);
  • Investigate the suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment for a range of purposes (VCDSTC027);

Incursion Pricing



Up to 30 students


90-minute workshops


A minimum booking of 2 x 90-minute workshops is required


Outer regions incur time and travel costs

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