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Materials & Mixing Incursion (Levels 1/2)

Theme: Science – Chemical Sciences
Level: 1/2
Students will observe and classify different materials.
They will identify the use and purpose of materials including mixing, separating, and recycling.


  • Discuss prior knowledge of “materials”;
  • Sort materials based on physical properties;
  • Explore ways to change the shape of paper to make a container;
  • Investigate the results of different mixing techniques;
  • Investigate the effect of water on various materials;
  • Explore different ways of separating mixtures including magnetism and sieving.

Victorian Curriculum: Content Descriptions

  • People use science in their daily lives (VCSSU041);
  • Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events (VCSIS050);
  • Participate in guided investigations, including making observations using the senses, to explore and answer questions (VCSIS051);
  • Use informal measurements in the collection and recording of observations (VCSIS053);
  • Compare observations and predictions with those of others (VCSIS054);
  • Represent and communicate observations and ideas about changes in objects and events in a variety of ways (VCSIS055).

Incursion Pricing



Up to 30 students


90-minute workshops


A minimum booking of 2 x 90-minute workshops is required


Outer regions incur time and travel costs

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“Jenelle was well organised, confident and knowledgeable.”

Blackburn Primary School

“The language used during the incursion fits well with our unit of inquiry, with the talk about the different properties.”

Benton Junior College